About Us

Well by saying "us", I really mean "me".

The Best Headshot experience

One bad headshot session entirely changed how I view the experience for my clients. We keep things super simple, but focus on you entirely.

get comfortable

No time limits and no pre-set expectations. We get to take a breather and use the headshot session to chill for a minute!

have fun

“Fun” is super subjective, but I guarantee it won’t be horrible! You are the star of the show, but you aren’t the one responsible for getting to the best expression, that’s my job!



We shoot, then we look at what we’ve shot. We can tweak what works and what doesn’t until we have exactly what you are looking for!

it shouldn’t suck

Everyone gets nervous being in front of a camera, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Relax a little, chat quite a bit and leave knowing you got the best headshot experience you will find.

Our Gallery

Here is a tiny snapshot of what we do.