If there is one thing for certain when it comes to business branding success, commercial photography is one of the most powerful tools there is. After all, nearly three-quarters of the population are visual learners, and according to MDG, people only remember about 10% of the information they read after three days pass. But throwing a quality image into the mix catapults that percentage to 65%. Now, in business terms, this means that branding photography will inevitably pedestal your company to become more memorable and support you in reaching new advancing levels. 

To give you more of a breakdown of what you can actually gain by hiring a professional photographer, below are the leading ones you can begin experiencing from this brand-building investment. 

1. Professional Photos Are Versatile  

First up is how easy it is to grow a business brand through photography. This is because these images are very versatile and can be used in so many ways to gain exposure to the masses. They can be shared on social media, on press release sites, on your website, to sponsorships. With this diversity, branding photos are the ideal ammunition that can enhance marketing efforts, increase engagement, and of course, boost the bottom line. 

2. It Paints A Visual Narrative of Your Business Culture 

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of developing an attractive brand is being able to clearly showcase who you are and what your business culture stands for. Photography is the perfect way to make this happen because it can quickly demonstrate to viewers the tone, vibe, and overall personality your culture revolves around. It allows you to become empowered through your brand without even having to say a word. Furthermore, it is much easier and faster for your audience to grasp a visual narrative of your culture than reading about it. 

3. Illuminates Commitment and Professionalism 

Hiring a professional photographer to take your branding shots both in and outside of the office to increase engagement and exposure will make you look much more professional than those who don’t. Not to mention that you will also outshine other businesses who are using grainy, low-quality ones as well. Much like a professional headshot, you want to look the role you are trying to mold to. The same concept goes for branding because you want to instill good first impressions and put your best foot forward to demonstrate your professional credibility. By investing in top-class photography, you can achieve that goal seamlessly. 

4. You Become More Authentic and Trusted

It can be pretty enticing to buy a $10 stock image of something that semi represents what your business brand is and call it a day. However, the consumer market is not dumb. They will see the “non-real” image, and that can push more people away than if you didn’t use a picture at all. With photography, you are able to illuminate authenticity to your customer base and are not sacrificing originalism or trust. You are conveying who you are and placing your values front and center, all while effectively marketing your brand’s creativity and differences against the competition along the way. 

Conclusion – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words 

There is a reason why commercial photography is a billion-dollar industry and is still growing; because it is proven to drive branding success. Getting a bit scientific here to answer the “why” question, humans are known to respond and process visual data/images 60,000X faster than text. Remember when I said the majority of the population are visual learners and retainers? I wasn’t kidding. 

With that being said, it’s time to take that reality and begin leveraging it to capitalize and grow. In summary, as long as you hire the right person with the right qualifications to position your brand in the best possible light, you can start absorbing the wonderful benefits this investment delivers.