There is an old saying that goes, “never judge a book by its cover.” As flattering as that concept might be, it is not entirely a plausible notion, especially in the world of business and advancing our careers. The reality is that we are all perceived by how we look and position ourselves in front of others. So, when it comes to interviews, making professional connections, networking, to growing clientele, it is imperative that you appear professional and look the part from the very beginning. 

With that being said, this is where opting to have winning headshots done by a qualified portrait photographer is something that you should never overlook. To give you some more insight as to how a headshot can help you long-term with your career objectives, below are some leading reasons why this investment into yourself is more than worth it.  

  • It Sets A Great First Impression 

There was a study done by Jobvite that discovered 41% of recruiters’ first impressions were influenced by the candidate’s headshot. Plus, according to a Career Builder Survey, 70% of employers and future clientele will scope out your social media pages before hiring you. This means that by posting professional headshots on your public sites and documentation, you are showcasing to future employers and/or audiences that you look the part you play, which can impress them before even getting in contact with you. 

  • It Adds Humanism to Your Profile(s) 

You could have the best description of yourself or your services out there, but never forget how visual humans are. In general, people are much more comfortable being able to see the person they will be collaborating with. By investing in a headshot, you get the chance to display your personality, share your story, and put a face to the words they are reading. Keep in mind that the more your photo aligns with your industry, the more respected you will appear. 

  • You Will Be Taken More Seriously 

If you are the CEO of a reputable company, then a grainy selfie image is not going to help people take you seriously with the role you hold. It delivers the message that you do not care much about how you portray yourself to the public, and that in and of itself can deter your company and career from expanding. Alternatively, a headshot gives off the impression that you are earnest about your career, which can make others see you as a more respected individual. 

  • For Entrepreneurs, It Can Become an Extension to Your Brand 

For those who own their own business out there, think of your headshot as an extension of your brand. It is your introduction, your story, and a way for you to tie yourself to your brand to strengthen it even more. So, instead of throwing on your most superior suit for your portraits, do a bit of brainstorming to ensure that the look you end up with reflects your brand and the industry you are in. From the background you choose, the outfit you wear, to the colors, it all can paint a perfect picture of who you are and what you stand for. In turn, this can become the catalyst for attracting the right targeted audience, which can help your brand base expand. 

Conclusion – Choose to Invest in Your Future 

Out of all of this, I want you to really take away one key thing; Having a professional headshot can be the make or break difference of your future success and growth, regardless of the position you hold. In fact, LinkedIn profiles that have professional portraits get about 20X more views than the ones that don’t. Furthermore, those with headshots obtain 21X more profile views and 36X more messages. 

In the end, know that a high-quality headshot portrait offers much more than making you look good in the eyes of recruiters, employers, or customers. It infuses confidence within your own capabilities, and that makes you look prepared, well-put-together, and can help you reach new levels of success. As long as you choose a qualified portrait photographer to capture your best side, this will be the best investment for yourself that will guarantee you favorable, long-term results.