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Everyone is photogenic

Headshots shouldn’t cause you stress or make you think that you are not photogenic. We have a process that helps you get exactly where you need to be for an amazing headshot!

No stress

Headshot sessions shouldn’t be stressful. No time crunches, lots of tips and tricks to getting the right expression every time.

Learn our tricks

Don’t you hate when someone says “smile”?! We never do! Instead we teach you our tricks to bring out real expression to a camera! 

Pick the right images

You have full control over how many images you want. We are there as a resource to help you with our professional opinion.

Our Story


Professional Recruiter turned Headshot Photographer. I always loved helping people find their dream job, it meant that I had to really listen to their needs in order to know what they want. Headshots are very similar. In order to get what you want, listening is an absolute key.

The process

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